Alarm systems and Equipment Installation

Protection One uses the best products and always proposes solutions tailored to the specific requirements of the property to be protected. We work together with selected suppliers to offer the most modern and reliable solutions.

We can supply, combine and install the following products:

  • Wired, wireless and hybrid alarm systems
  • Access control systems
  • Fog machines
  • Volumetric, perimeter or periphery detection systems
  • Etc

The dissuasion principle

An effective alarm system ensures your security on 4 different levels:

  • The presence of an alarm system and the corresponding warning stickers* have a dissuasive effect.
  • The local alarm annoys, irritates and drives the intruder away
  • The alarm is transmitted and the alarm centre monitors remotely
  • Intervention by law enforcement and/or security personnel

* Monitoring a location provides an undeniable dissuasive effect. In most cases, in fact, a burglar will choose an unprotected property rather than one that is monitored. A house that is monitored and labelled as such therefore significantly reduces the risk of break-ins.

A few key figures

(source: Police Crime Statistics – 2014 Annual Report)

  • A break-in happens approximately every 8 minutes in Switzerland.
  • A residential property is broken into approximately every 42 minutes.

  • A flat is broken into approximately every 28 minutes.
  • A shop/company is broken into approximately every 39 minutes.

A burglar usually abandons an attempt after 2-3 minutes if the property is too secure or is equipped with an alarm system.

5 Key steps for your Security

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